Lenten Outreach

Outreach Committee:

Each year we pick a charity to benefit from our special Lenten offerings which come through our ‘coin folders.’ The folders are actually designed for dollar bills, but are still called “coin folders”.  FLC members will have received their folders in the mail.  If you did not please contact the church or donate with a special offering envelope and drop it at church.

This year’s beneficiary is Missionary Aviation Fellowship, which is an agency that serves the world’s most isolated areas. Their mission statement is: “Help, Hope, and Healing” for the isolated. This ministry serves missionaries and workers in some of the world’s most geographically isolated areas: areas with terrain so inaccessible that customary transportation cannot serve them. Missionary Aviation Fellowship serves these areas and delivers post, medicine, education materials, and transportation in emergencies, that allows missionaries and other workers to do their good work.