First Lutheran Church Columbarium Niches

Left to right: Schematic of its location in the rear of the Sanctuary, center:  Columbarium will look like this photo only with the brick surround matching the church's brick, and a sample granite plaque.

A columbarium is a wall with a group of compartments known as “niches” designed to hold cremation urns. Each 12” by 12” by 12” niche will accommodate up to two urns. Each columbarium niche has an individual facing stone made of polished granite. Urns are protected from the weather by a granite faceplate and secured by a patented locking system. Urns, inscription, and perpetual care are included in the price.

The columbarium is available to FLC members and their immediate family members, pastors and families and other applicants approved by the First Lutheran Church Columbarium and Memorial Wall Committee on a case-by-case basis.

Your niche is chosen at the time of purchase. The cost currently is a onetime fee of $2,900 which includes niche (room for up to two urns), two urns, engraving, and perpetual care. A minimum of 45 niches purchased are required to move forward with the columbarium; if that number is not reached the entire cost will be refunded to the purchasers. Cremation and funeral services are not included with the price and must be obtained elsewhere.

This columbarium will be in full compliance with Wisconsin Statutes 157.123 which governs columbaria maintained by religious associations. That statute required that “at least 25 percent of each payment be held in a care fund until the fund equals 25 percent of the cost of constructing the columbarium. The care fund and any income from investment of the care fund may be used only to maintain the columbarium.”

An application to purchase the right of inurnment must be submitted along with payment of $2,900 made out “First Lutheran Columbarium”. Your application will be reviewed, and eligibility determined by the FLC Columbarium and Memorial Wall Committee. Once approved you will receive a Right of Inurnment Certificate. The copy of the application and certificate will serve as your receipt. You may want to keep a copy of the certificate with your will and with any funeral home where prearrangements have been made.