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Youth Group (9-12 grade) Schedule 2023-24

“My Life Counts!”


Wednesday, Sept. 20 – 7pm Parent Orientation with 9-12 grade students

Wednesday, September 27 – No Youth Group because Homecoming Week

Wednesday, Oct. 4, 7:00pm – Care Pkgs/video “Why should I follow Jesus; can’t I just say I believe in him?” & discussion/online Strengths Assessments

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 7:00pm – Care Pkgs/unpack strengths/how you naturally think, feel and behave (Better understanding and love of self.)

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 7:00pm – Care Pkgs/How your life counts

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 7:00pm  - carve pumpkins/plan welcome at Oct. 29 Worship

Sunday, Oct. 29 – Confirmation for Sam, Trevor, Jack & Tara at 9:30am Worship

****10th, 11th & 12th grades be there to welcome into Youth Group****

Wednesday, Nov. 1, 7:00pm  - Teambuilding/strengths connection with Pageant

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 7:00pm – Leadership building/strengths connect with Pageant

Wednesday, Nov. 15, 7:00pm – Pageant/oral tradition exercise with video

Nov. 22nd – not meeting – Thanksgiving Break

Wednesday, Nov. 29, 7:00pm -  Pageant/share from oral tradition exercise

Wednesday, Dec. 6, 7:00pm - Pageant

Sunday, Dec. 10 – Christmas Pageant in 9:30am Worship Service (all ages)

Wednesday, Dec. 13 – help with Operation Christmas/Josh Grobin song

Dec. 20th – not meeting

Sunday, Dec. 24th – Christmas Eve Services at 4:00 & 7:00pm

****The 4:00pm Service will include family-friendly elements****

Jan. 3rd – not meeting

Sunday, Jan. 7 – Feb. 11        This is the season called Epiphany. 

Epiphany represents God revealing God’s light and presence through Jesus to the world. Everyone is invited to bring white, unscented candles in clear glass (any size/shape) and place them on the altar during Epiphany…great family activity & beautiful symbolism! 

Wednesday, Jan. 10, 7:00pm – Care Pkgs/Epiphany exercise & assignments

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 7:00pm – Care Pkgs/Is it okay to be angry at God?

Wednesday, Jan. 24, 7:00pm – Care Pkgs/Psalms

Wednesday, Jan. 31, 7:00pm – Did God create the devil? Why does God let bad things happen?

Wednesday, Feb. 7, 7:00pm – Seniors select quilts/Can I be a Christian without going to church?

Wednesdays, Feb. 14th through March 20th (Ash Wednesday & Lent) 6:00-7:15/7:30pm

  • High School students attend worship at 6pm.
  • Immediately following this shortened worship service, move to the Youth Room to discuss the message heard in worship using prepared questions. Pastor Joel will lead this time together.
  • Parents are welcome and encouraged to join.
  • This will be wrapped up around 7:15/7:30pm.

Palm Sunday, March 24th – 9:30am Worship Service

March 27th – not meeting  (Holy Week)

Easter Sunday, March 31st – help with the breakfast

During our April sessions, we will dive deeper into what we learned about ourselves from the Strengths Assessment, connecting it to vocation, and probably trying on individual or group projects.  God equips and calls everyone to make their life count for good in the world!

“Where your talent and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation.” Aristotle

Wednesday, April 3, 7:00pm
Wednesday, April 10, 7:00pm
Wednesday, April 17, 7:00pm
Wednesday, April 24, 7:00pm

Sunday, April 28 – 9:30am Worship – Celebration and Blessing of Seniors - of ALL families (K-12)