Columbarium/Memorial Garden Update - December 2023:

The columbarium has been installed, and now we are waiting for the brickwork to complete it. A dedication of the Memorial Garden is planned for Memorial Day weekend. Be sure to look at the Memorial Garden display in the church narthex. Sara Balbin has created a beautiful sculpture following the theme of the mobile she made for the church sanctuary. This will be the focal point of the Memorial Garden. There is information and forms for purchasing a memory plaque or columbarium niche available at the display.

A number of memorial plaques have already been installed on the exterior wall of the Church, and the concrete walkways and footings are completed. We look forward to the eventual expansion and beautification of this new addition to our Church home.

Columbarium niches and Memorial Wall plaques are available for purchase. For more information, check this post.  Contact any of the Memorial Garden task force members for more information. They are: Betty Beckman, Bob Badal, Jerry and Kathy Rasmussen and John and Carol Rusch. Visit the Memory Garden site soon, before the snow flies. It is a beautiful place.

First Lutheran Columbarium and Memorial Garden

If you have not made plans for your final resting place, then consider the First Lutheran Columbarium and Memorial Garden.  It will be a place of peace and hope, a reminder that death is not the end for God's people.  First Lutheran is creating a new columbarium and memorial wall to allow the congregation to remember and honor loved ones directly on our church grounds.  It makes your church a continuous focal point of faith.

Making It Possible

Tax deductible contributions are being sought for expansion and beautification of this new addition to our Church home. A fund has been established for this purpose and has been used to complete the concrete and brick work.  

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The Columbarium is a wall with 32 niches to a side, 64 per columbarium.  The plaque will be 12" x 12" granite engraved with names and dates.

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Memorial Wall

The Memorial Wall is on the outside wall of the sanctuary and next to the columbarium.   The bronze plaques are designed to honor loved ones who have died and whose remains are elsewhere.

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