Here are some testimonials from First Lutheran Church members

on how they thought through making a decision on the Columbarium and Memory Wall.

Choosing FLC Columbarium

My husband and I had decided to be cremated over ten years ago after going through four funerals of family members in a year and half.  Two were funerals with caskets and two were cremation.  After those funerals we decided we wanted to be cremated.  The big question is what to do with our ashes.  We thought of the lake but that does need DNR approve or spreading the ashes on the family property but the property could be sold someday.  Also in either case there is no marker for genealogy studies.  Now we feel better knowing that we will be placed in a Niche at First Lutheran Church, where our church family is.   It will be a place of peace and comfort.

Honoring Family

My Father died very young and our family quickly had to make funeral arrangements, including choosing a grave site where several plots were bought.  Since then my Mother and Sister were cremated, each cremates was put in a small vault and buried next to my Father.  My brother and I chose to honor our folks with a memorial plaque.  They loved Hayward and it was where my Mother lived her last few years as a member of First Lutheran Church in Hayward.

Memory Wall

Our folks had already chosen a burial site. So when they passed away we honored their wishes.  However, since the Memorial Garden has been set up, we chose to honor them by buying a Memory Wall Plaque with their names on, as their last years were in Hayward and they were very involved in First Lutheran Church and activities.


One of our brothers passed away at one and half years old.  He was buried in baby land cemetery in Iowa.  That cemetery was flooded a few years ago.  His name will be on the Memory Wall Plaque, as our way of remembering him.