Locations of Ministry

6 Locations of Ministry
(places for shaping faith)

Children and Youth: Children and youth, recognized and empowered as disciples of Jesus Christ, use their God-given gifts in purposeful ministry.

Homes: Families are equipped and strengthened by their congregation to be the primary nurturers of faith.

Congregations: Congregations are safe, inclusive, welcoming, and nurturing for all children, youth, and adults, as they live out their faith in the midst of community and the larger world.

Community: Christians live their faith daily, experiencing Christ in Community, learning from, as well as serving the needs of community.

Culture: Children, youth and adults experience God’s presence, learning from people from a variety of Cultures, while being part of God’s transformational work within culture.

Creation: Christians live in harmony with Creation, recognizing, receiving, celebrating, and caring for God’s handiwork.