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7th & 8th Grade Confirmation Schedule 2023-24
“Cultivating faith experiences that positively impact & sustain for a lifetime.”


Wednesday, Sept. 27 – Parent Orientation with 6th, 7th & 8th grades at 6:45pm

Wednesday, Oct. 4,6:00pm – Can it be proven that God exists?

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 6:00pm – Is God male?

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 6:00pm – Strengths Explorer Unpack

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 6:00pm – How can God be 3-in-1?

Sunday, Oct. 29 – Confirmation for Sam, Trevor, Jack & Tara at 9:30am Worship
****6th, 7th & 8th grades help with support roles like ushering, greeting, etc.****

Wednesday, Nov. 1, 6:00pm – Does God still create stuff today?

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 6:00pm – Am I really supposed to believe Mary was a virgin?

Wednesday, Nov. 15, 6:00pm – Why did Jesus go to hell?

Nov. 22nd – no class – Thanksgiving Break

Wednesday, Nov. 29, 6:00pm – Is the Holy Spirit a person or wind or fire or what?

Wednesday, Dec. 6, 6:00pm – Why do we say we believe in “the holy catholic church” if we’re not Catholic?

Sunday, Dec. 10 – Christmas Pageant in 9:30am Worship Service (all ages)

Wednesday, Dec. 13 – help with Operation Christmas

Dec. 20th – no class

Sunday, Dec. 24th – Christmas Eve Services at 4:00 & 7:00pm
****The 4:00pm Service will include family-friendly elements****

Jan. 3rd – no class

Sunday, Jan. 7 – Feb. 11 This is the season called Epiphany.
Epiphany represents God revealing God’s light and presence through Jesus to the world. Everyone is
invited to bring white, unscented candles in clear glass (any size/shape) and place them on the
altar during Epiphany…great family activity & beautiful symbolism!

Wednesday, Jan. 10, 6:00pm – Why should I follow Jesus? Can’t I just say I believe in him?

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 6:00pm – Why should I pray when God doesn’t answer all my prayers?

Wednesday, Jan. 24, 6:00pm – Why should I pray the Lord’s Prayer when it feels like I’m just
going through the motions?

Wednesday, Jan. 31, 6:00pm – Can someone lose their salvation?

Wednesday, Feb. 7, 6:00pm – Can I be a Christian without going to church?

Wednesdays, Feb. 14th through March 20th (Ash Wednesday & Lent) 6:00-7:15/7:30pm
6th, 7th & 8th grades attend worship at 6pm with their mentors and parents.
Immediately following this shortened worship service, students and mentors move to the fellowship hall to discuss the message heard in worship using prepared questions and activities. (Parents are welcome to join them.) This will be wrapped up around 7:15/7:30pm.

Palm Sunday, March 24th – 9:30am Worship Service

March 27th – no class (Holy Week)

Easter Sunday, March 31st – confirmation classes help with the breakfast

During these April sessions, we will unpack “strengths” deeper and use that knowledge on a group project – using individual strengths to accomplish a common goal. This unit is being called “Our Lives Count.”

Wednesday, April 3, 6:00pm

Wednesday, April 10, 6:00pm

Wednesday, April 17, 6:00pm

Wednesday, April 24, 6:00pm

Sunday, April 28 – 9:30am Worship – Celebration of ALL families (K-12)

WAPO Bible Camp Dates – Mark your calendars now!
June 21-23 – Seeds Camp (kids completing grades 1-3)
June 26 – One-Day Camp (kids completing grades K-2)
June 23-28 – Youth Camp (kids completing grades 4-9)